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Found in 2017, POLUS is a renown Bitrix24 implementation team and a technical advisor in the Bitrix market.

Comprising of 13 professionals, we are currently active in the markets in the US and in the Philippines. We not only have a complete functional / technical mastery and understanding of how Bitrix24 runs and is made, but we also do have full capabilities in delivering for other mainstream systems - those include the following:

we, the polus

Although our developers and consultants all have a combined experiences and capability to consult and deliver the different CRMs / ERPs / Contact center solutions lined up above, our main pillar for projects are mostly comprising of Bitrix24 CRM as of current due to the spiking demands of our prospects and clients wanting to know more about Bitrix24, explore what enablements they can have for their licenses, and if any tweaks to their preferences are feasible or not.

We not only get many inquiries from the general public in those 2 markets that we are in, but we also get several requests from different sources as shown in the pictures on the right:

We also work with bitrix inc.

As we have several senior developers and consultants that used to work for Bitrix inc., we sometimes outsource our team in their major development sprints, consultations & client acquisitions in the market that they are not in, and of course we participate in webinars and trainings videos. This is why you may be familiar with the voices of some of our consultants and developers as they often participate in creation of Youtube contents of Bitrix24.

So saying, you may also try looking around the official Bitrix24 Youtube channel as they have tons of useful contents and training videos. Start off with the Bitrix24 product talk made by Diana and Alex, on the left!

To know more about what we do, and what services we can provide in the best quality you can think of please visit out [Services] page for reference. 

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