Bitrix24 - Pricing

why purchase it through polus?

POLUS is a renown gold partner of Bitrix24, and we can provide additional offers & value-added services ontop of the list of prices available in the Bitrix24 website. 

Please inquire to us first before deciding on a purchase, as buying it "elsewhere" / directly on Bitrix website would make you miss out the opportunity of getting a quality free-of-charge value added services such as dedicated support, config assistances, customisations, integration works, consultations, and etc, and chances of availing the licenses / subscription for a lesser value than what you would be paying for originally.

Click the icons below to see more about the 6 core features of Bitrix24 !


  • Subscription - based
  • Fast deployment / setup
  • Daily backups but with 1 week retention period
  • APIs
  • Hosted in USA


  • Perpetual licensing (One-off payment)
  • UI / UX customization possible (source code)
  • Data governance
  • Full server control / architecture
  • Can be hosted ANYWHERE
  • APIs

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